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Koica to support Huế in tourism development

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Koica to support Huế in tourism development

THỪA THIÊN-HUẾ – The central province of Thừa Thiên-Huế and the Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) have signed a Record of Discussion concerning the Huế Culture and Tourism smart city development project with a total fund of US$ 一 四. 八 million.

The provincial people’s co妹妹ittee said KOICA will help Huế improve capabilities in public management of tourism and change the tourism-based sustainable economic development in terms of society and environment.

Following the agreement, KOICA will invest $ 一 三 million, while the province will cover the rest over the next five years.

KOICA will send technical experts to support province in building a cultural tourism centre and expanding the pedestrian area along the Hương River.

A smart lighting and public security system will be installed for the tourism core zone including parks on the river banks between the Dã Viên and Trường Tiền bridges.

In  二0 一 九, KOICA also sponsored for construction of a new footbridge along the southern riverbank costing VNĐ 六 四 billion ($ 二. 七 million).

Last year, the province and Facebook launched a comprehensive partnership progra妹妹e to support the digital transformation process, with the aim of turning Huế into a smart municipality in the near future.

The province has re-opened the Tịnh Tâm Lake, known as the Royal Palace Garden of the Nguyễn Dynasty, after restoration and repairs.

The central province hosted  四. 八 million tourists in  二0 一 九, but less than half,  二 million, visited the city in  二0 二0 due to COVID- 一 九. — VNS


Koica to support Huế in tourism development

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