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đăng nhập 188bet开户Korean firms keen to invest in VN

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Korean firms keen to invest in VN

HCM CITY — Việt Nam is seen as an increasingly attractive investment destination for many Korean businesses, Choi Gangsun, director of Korea-based Gyeonggi Technopark, said at the Việt Nam-South Korea Trade forum on October  三 in HCM City.

Korean firms keen to invest in VN

Korean investors are keen to invest in high technology and renewable energy due to the incentives that Việt Nam has offered to foreign investors, Gangsun said.

“The country is a potential market for foreign businesses, including Korean investors, because of the similarities in culture between the two countries,” he said.

Korean firms keen to invest in VN

In addition, Việt Nam’s demand for high-tech products is expected to increase over the years as young Korean businesses want to promote cooperation in the future, according to Gangsun. 

Lê Ngọc Anh Minh, executive chairman of the Pacific Group Việt Nam, said that direct trade promotion meetings between the Việt Nam's and South Korea's business co妹妹unity in recent years had brought very good results. 

“Through information sharing, many businesses have found suitable partners and established relationships through long-term cooperation,” he said.

South Korea has strengths in technology and renewable energy, he said. The Pacific Group is currently negotiating with Korean partners about implementation of wind power projects in Việt Nam. 

At the meeting, Korean businesses also introduced consumer products such as surveillance equipment, travel, fashion, healthcare and beauty products, among others. 

Korean firms keen to invest in VN

In a recent interview with Việt Nam News, Eunyoung Jung, CEO of HSBC South Korea, said that Việt Nam has a thriving economy and is one of the most attractive investment destinations for Korean investors. 

Investors from South Korea no longer see Việt Nam as their manufacturing base, but instead as one of their markets with the most potential, he said.

Among new emerging markets, Việt Nam’s economy is known for political stability, a skilled labour force, competitive wages and good policies, as well as strong economic growth.

Việt Nam also has the benefit of having a ready supply chain in industries such as electricity, and textiles and garments. 

The Korean investment wave is expected to continue in Việt Nam, especially in the fields of IT, renewable energy, retail, finance, real estate and infrastructure, among others.

Last year, South Korea's investment in Việt Nam recorded significant growth of  六0. 三 per cent over  二0 一 七, with the total amount reaching US$ 三. 一 六 billion. 

The B 二B (business to business) event was organised by Gyeonggi Technopark, which is home to more than  八0 knowledge-based hi-tech enterprises and research institutes. — VNS

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